More than 50 summers, hundreds of canoe trips, thousands of injections and controlled hypoglycaemic episodes as well as countless wonderful memories and laughs-and counting!

Accommodations and Facilities

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Camp Carowanis is spread over more than 150 acres of forested land on the shores of Lake Didi in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, some 85 kilometres from Montreal.

The main onsite facilities comprise Ross Hall, a spacious dining hall with modern kitchen; the well-equipped Belmonte and Dr. Bob Infirmaries; the McGarry Chalet, for indoor activities; a waterfront recreational centre; as well as the Administration Building.  Campers sleep on cot-like beds in large tents mounted on platforms.

Medical Program

Infirmerie Belmonte

Staffed by doctors, nurses and medical residents, the Belmonte Infirmary provides campers with round-the-clock, specialized medical care. Campers test their blood-sugar levels at least four times a day under supervision and learn how to administer insulin injections on rotating sites. The onsite doctors and nurses also teach them how to recognize the symptoms of and treat hypoglycaemia, and how to adjust their insulin doses accordingly.

Working in league with doctors, a team of dieticians prepares individual diet plans as needed and teaches campers how to calculate the nutritional value of various foods in accordance with their diet.

Camp Programs (Age 8 to 15)


Camp Carowanis offers a full two-week program of leisure and sports activities. Camp-program activities are conducted under the supervision of a high ratio of counsellors to campers, as well as a team of age group leaders led by the Camp Chief.


Activities at Camp Carowanis - Archery

  • Artisinat
  • Rowing, canoeing, kayaking
  • Archery
  • Volleyball, badminton, basketball
  • Cycling
  • Hiking, nature study
  • Tennis
  • Canoe/camping trips (1 to 3 days, depending on the age group)
  • Swimming program
  • Leader program for 16-year-olds
  • And so much more…

Family Weekend (for families with diabetic children under 8 years of age)

Canoe at Camp Carowanis

Available to diabetic children under 8 years of age and their entire families, with each family housed in a separate tent. This very special weekend, usually held in mid-August, offers parents advice and counselling from a team of multidisplinary health professionals through workshops and information sessions, while children enjoy camp activities under the supervision of experienced counsellors.

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