Together, towards an injection-free future…

The Diabetic Children’s Foundation was founded in 1974 and has since devoted itself exclusively to the welfare of diabetic children and has dedicated all its efforts to reaching its goals. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, The Foundation seeks your support in order to fulfil all its greatest wishes for the many children who rely on its assistance.

Unique, magical moments for all diabetic children

The Foundation is the proud sponsor of Camp Carowanis, a specialized camp for diabetic children age 8 to 16 that has been welcoming more than 300 campers every summer for over 50 years. Eager to maintain its high standards of quality, Camp Carowanis has numerous projects lined up, including the creation of new, year-round programs and the renovation or construction of several facilities. Moreover, Camp Carowanis is committed to upholding its policy of never refusing admission to a diabetic child for financial reasons.

A great support network…

The Foundation’s Parents’ Committee offers families continuous support through its free Contact Parents newsletter, information sessions and social activities. The Foundation also employs a full-time nurse who can provide information and support to families of diabetic children.

Hope for a cure for diabetes…

Because Type 1 diabetes remains an incurable disease, diabetic children greatly rely on researchers’ work. As such, The Foundation contributes to research by working in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in its ongoing quest to prevent, and find a cure for, diabetes.

Your contribution is an investment in the continued existence and evolution of The Diabetic Children’s Foundation

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